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Georges Lotigier

CEO @ Vade Secure

Georges Lotigier began his career at the VELEC Sagem company as Security Project Manager. In 1986, he created the company Exer, where he developed two businesses: Videocomm (cable modems) and Datacomm (security & appliance wholesaler). At the same time that he was heading Exer, he created the NetASQ company in 1998 in collaboration with Thierry Tarnus, Founder of the GOTO Software Group and the Vade Retro Technology company. After having run NetASQ for 9 years, he left the company and in 2008 created a new renovation development business for rehabilitating large farms. One year later, he acquired the Aretel company, a network & telecom system infrastructure integrator. A recognized expert in the digital security and antispam market, as well as a pioneer with NetASQ, Georges Lotigier is returning to a familiar world in becoming the CEO of Vade Secure Technology.


Date et heure - 15h20
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